Business Analysis

Our vision for Business Analysis is that relevant business information should be easily accessible for the end user. Information should be free to analyze and visualize in a dynamic way, without compromising quality and Integrity.

Our Business Analysis solutions make sure that you will get the right information at the right time. Which information do you need to be ahead of your competitors? With the focus on your wishes we will design the right Business Analysis features that will give you that extra insight.



SolutionsHouse is using solutions such as Microsoft Reporting Service, which can be used on top of your existing ERP or CRM installation. With the right configuration, we can import any data source and expose your valuable business parameters to the management that needs it.



– Quick result with in-memory technology 

– Dynamic dashboard and reporting

– Multi-dimensional Analysis

– 「What if」 scenarios

– Associative search

– Web-based platform with mobility support 



– Enable to develop effective strategic planning, budgeting and forecasting

– Consolidate relevant data from multiple sources

– Allow user-defined parameters to customize analysis

– Have better visibility on business operational data with issue alert in advance

– Identify areas of highest profitability to drive continuous profit improvement

– Turn insights into real-time actions with mobility devices

– Deploy quickly either stand-along or add-on application to existing system

– Support to export the analysis reports into Excel format

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