Business Process Management (BPM)


You run a business with a wide range of processes. How do you ensure that they align properly with each other? Business Process Management makes it possible: all processes properly integrated for greater speed and accuracy. No more dramas with multiple applications. Everyone working with the same information. Your path from complex processes to clear activities

Empower your employees with the information to get the job done right first time. Whether as a stand-alone solution, or fully integrated with any of Finance, ERP, CRM or HRM software, BPM workflows help your departments and employees work more efficiently together from day one.

  • Bespoke for every industry
  • Simple and scalable
  • The ultimate in control over your whole business
  • Trustworthy and accessible

The advantages of BPM:

Bespoke for every industry

  • All processes can be covered with integrated finance, industry-specific ERP, HRM, CRM and PSA
  • Expandable and adjustable without programming
  • Portals for e-commerce and improved collaboration with partners, customers and employees
  • Connectivity-framework for integration with other systems.

Simple and scalable

  • Up and running from day one: built up process for process
  • Free mobile apps make your work simpler
  • Templates for rapid implementation based on our best practices
  • REST API for rapid coupling with other systems including mobile apps

The ultimate in control over your whole business

  • 1 system for every location
  • Also international: available in 36 languages
  • Integrated reports and analytics
  • Workflow and Document Management streamline processes and information transfer

Trustworthy and accessible

  • Central master data management for more insight and less work
  • Everyone works with the same information
  • Realtime overview, wherever you are
  • 24/7 access, also via the mobile apps

Use via the private cloud or in-house

  • Benefit from maximum flexibility by placing your software on our secure server at our data centre for a fixed monthly fee.
  • Outsource your software management, updates, support, and protection, including add-ons and customised options.
  • Prefer to manage your software yourself or to purchase a licence in advance? This is also possible, of course.

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