About Exact

Exact Globe Next

Exact Globe is the basis for our Finance and ERP software. Existing customers can expand Globe with additional functional modules, users and administrations.

(Enterprise Resource Planning Company)

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Exact Synergy

Exact synergy is the process technology platform that Exact CRM and BPM are built on. Existing customers can extend their Synergy license with additional users and add-on solutions.

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Exact Insights

Companies that base their strategic decisions on business intelligence tools outperform their competitors. Especially when employees can integrate, visualise and analyse data themselves using self-service BI data analysis tools.

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Exact for Apps

We develop apps centred around you, the user, and your activities. We offer you a completely new user experience that saves you time and money. All our apps are secured with a PIN code, so your information is safe and still easily and quickly accessible.

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