Human Resource Management (HRM)

As an HR manager you concentrate more and more on developing strategies and offering services to your employees. The better organised your administration, the more time you have to focus on advising line managers and co-workers. And the more strategic information you can provide for top-level decision-making.


Structure your files

In a fast-paced business world, employees change jobs more frequently, resulting in additional paperwork and making it hard for managers and staff members to retrieve data quickly. By working with digital employee files, you ensure that the right information is always at hand and can be easily updated. You can retrieve contracts, conversation reports or personnel details at a moment’s notice and be forewarned of approaching deadlines, such as contract terminations. You will always know what’s going on.


Digitise your HR processes

HR processes affect all departments within your organisation. Keeping a clear overview is a challenge. With digitised documents and processes, authorized staff members can access secured data whenever required, based on roles and rights you have established. Your HR staff will know at all times which actions need to be taken by whom.


Collaborate with your employees

The HR process covers a broad spectrum of tasks, from filling vacancies to managing information on employees. By involving your employees more closely in routine HR processes, you can reduce your administrative burden. Sharing the personnel manual with your employees online, for example, saves time answering questions. You can also allow staff to modify their own basic personnel details whenever there is a change. This frees you up to focus more on service and strategy.

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