Exact’s business Intelligence solutions: Outperforming the competition

Companies that base their strategic decisions on business intelligence tools outperform their competitors. Especially when employees can integrate, visualise and analyse data themselves using self-service BI data analysis tools.

Our BI tool, Exact Insights, allows you to easily convert large amounts of data into organisation-wide KPIs and trends.

Self-service BI

Many companies have access to a wealth of data from different systems, which makes finding the right answers to strategic questions difficult and time-consuming. What’s more, the IT department is often in charge of analytics but frequently misses the context or gives IT projects a higher priority.

Self-service analytics enabled by a robust business intelligence solution gives everyone in the organisation insight, as well as the possibility to quickly adjust existing analyses without having to engage the IT department.

Exact Insights gives Technetix the possibility to view and visualise data from multiple angles.

Benefits of Exact Insights business intelligence tool

  • Take the right decisions, based on realtime information
  • Standard BI dashboards for specific sectors and specialisms
  • You’ll never again have to create reports in PowerPoint
  • Available at any time and on any device
  • Make more efficient analyses combining all your business data

Whitepaper: Big data and data warehouse

Data warehouses, business intelligence tools, in-memory databases: these terms quickly complicate the idea that 『we must do something with big data』. Yet for the average SME, there are many benefits to be gained by using big data.

What is BI?

Companies have vast amounts of data, which (should) form the basis of strategic decisions. Yet many find it difficult to get the right information at the right time and use it for powerful data analyses. A lot of data is 『hidden』 in various different automated systems, which makes it less usable.

The aim of Business Intelligence, or BI, is to translate available data into information which you can use to steer your company. BI systems typically offer data visualisation and the analysis of data from your software applications such as CRM and ERP.

The benefits of standard BI dashboards

Exact Insights comes with a number of standard dashboards that enable you to get started easily and quickly. These standard dashboards meet the basic need for analysis within specific sectors and specialisms. With only a few adjustments, the standard dashboard changes into a tailor-made solution for the specific needs of your company. The available dashboards are:
Finance Dashboard, HRM Dashboard, Manufacturing Dashboard, Wholesale Dashboard, Incoming Invoice Register Dashboard, Project Dashboard


Finance dashboard

The Finance dashboard offers direct insight into all your important figures in the area of cash flow, liquidity, turnover, gross and net return. You can see all outstanding payments and credits, profit and loss accounts, and you can zoom in on all transactions on each balance sheet in all your administrations. A powerful component of the Finance dashboard is the ‘what if’ analysis. Based on a few variables you submit, the system calculates a number of possible scenarios. You can split and classify your data in every way imaginable, enabling you to make full use of the dashboards in your decision-making process.


HRM dashboard

The Human Resources dashboard provides you with insight into all important figures in the area of personnel and HR related processes. It provides detailed information on the inflow and outflow of personnel for each business unit, department, function, age etc. It offers insight into how leave balances are divided across different departments, and you can zoom in on absenteeism for each department, age etc. If you work with freelancers you can also view the relationship between permanent and flexible staff. The HR dashboard provides you with the HR analytics to take the next step as a strategic business partner.


Manufacturing dashboard

The Manufacturing dashboard supplies manufacturers with all figures they need, such as manufacturing costs, material loss and manufacturing lead times. These can be analysed for each manufactured article, process step or cost type. This offers crucial insight into the actual manufacturing costs vs. planned costs. In short, the manufacturing dashboard is your tool to further improve your process: manufacturing done faster and more efficiently.


Dashboard for wholesale

The wholesale dashboard offers insight into the essential figures for stock, purchase and sales orders. You can monitor and predict logistics outcomes with indicators for, for example, turnover rate, ‘time/value in stock’ or ABC analyses. Integration with Google Maps offers you geographic insight into where your stock or customers are located. Improve your forecasting and budgeting and easily identify new business opportunities with this dashboard for all your logistics processes.


Incoming Invoice Register dashboard

The Incoming Invoice Register dashboard provides an overview of all purchase invoices and related details, plus total amounts per creditor or general ledger account. You can also analyse the status of all purchase invoices or approval requests, or easily zoom in on the details of the purchase invoice for each budget holder or approval register. Optimise the approval process in your organisation.



Project dashboard

The project dashboard helps you to analyse projects for each customer, status or type. Not only does it offer up to date insight into costs and realisations for each project or project manager, it also allows you to compare them to the budget or other projects of the same type. Hours worked can easily be traced and analysed in detail for each activity, department or project. This results in insights that help you improve your processes or individual projects. What’s more, you gain clear insight into the deployability of your staff.


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