ERP for manufacturers

The manufacturing industry is competitive and customers are demanding. They want unique, tailor-made products at low prices with short delivery times. To meet these demands, and to stay ahead of the competition, far-reaching automation, flexibility of manufacturing processes, smart inventory management and good planning are vitally important.

ERP for manufacturers allows you to streamline your manufacturing process. You utilise your manufacturing resources as effectively as possible and optimise inventory levels. You maintain control and save costs thanks to transparent reports and automatic notifications. What’s more, with ERP for manufacturing you take the first step towards the ‘smart’ factory of the future.

Exact Globe Next and Exact Synergy are the basis of Exact for Manufacturing.


ERP for manufacturers

  • Save costs with software for smart inventory management
  • Streamline your manufacturing process
  • ERP for Manufacturing is the motor for a smart factory
  • Optimise your inventory levels with Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
  • Benefit from reports and automatic notifications
  • Use via the private cloud or on-premise

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

You can optimise your inventory levels with a Material Requirements Planning (MRP). This gives you insight into your inventory movement. You can immediately see what has to be delivered, what you have available and when you can expect the goods. You quickly find the correct product or parts with their ranges. Easily convert order and manufacturing advice into purchase orders and manufacturing orders.

Capacity planning becomes highly transparent and an easy to use process thanks to the smart graphic plan board with drag and drop capacity planning.

ERP software as the motor of the digital factory

A digital factory is a manufacturing environment in which software and hardware work together seamlessly. The manufacturing process is digitally operated, with the ERP system as the motor. This central source contains all data on customers, orders, suppliers, inventory levels, machines, products, parts lists etc. In short, everything that’s needed to manage the manufacturing process.

By automating the manufacturing process, you can respond to increasing customer demand for fast product delivery, in smaller series and custom-made. A digital factory offers tailor-made work for the same price and with the same delivery time of mass produced products.

Warehouse management system (WMS)

It’s crucial for manufacturers to have their inventory management in good order. Sub-optimal flows of goods result either in excessive inventory, which costs money, or too little stock, which lengthens delivery time and hinders customers. The Warehouse Management System (WMS) helps you automate your physical goods flow and optimises your logistics process.

With WMS, a module for Exact Globe, you always have access to real-time inventory information, which helps you increase your delivery reliability and efficiency.


Trace your goods in the chain

With Exact ERP for manufacturers you can trace your products through the entire chain. The extensive possibilities for series and batch registration ensure 100% traceability. This makes it straight-forward for manufacturers in, for example, the food sector to adhere to the laws and legislation concerning food safety. But other sectors also benefit from these functionalities, for example by expanding with standard EDI solutions including Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC).

Control of the manufacturing floor with Shop Floor Control

Shop Floor Control is a module within Manufacturing. It’s the ideal solution for increased efficiency, eliminating the paper flow to and from the production floor.

Shop Floor Control provides manufacturing staff with straightforward insight into which work has priority. It also ensures real-time registration at the workplace, efficiently creates manufacturing orders and offers immediate insight into hours worked and materials used.

Manufacturing in the private cloud

Cloud software is becoming ever more common – in the business world as well. After all, it has many benefits. Cloud software makes investments in and maintenance of hardware a thing of the past. In addition, it allows you access to your ERP system from any location at any time, while you no longer have to manage the maintenance and can easily connect with other cloud software.

If you opt for our private cloud solution, we ensure updates, support and naturally also the security of your ERP for manufacturers, including add-ons and tailor-made work.

ERP can be accessed from any location thanks to apps

We have multiple mobile apps to get the most out of the system for ERP software for manufacturing users. For example, the Service Management app, which gives technicians access to all relevant customer information while they’re on the road, or the HR Self Service App, which allows staff to arrange days off themselves, or report sick.

In the app centre, you can find all intuitive apps, available for iOS, Android and Windows smartphones and tablets.


Manufacturing Service Essentials

With ERP for manufacturers you optimise your inventory management and streamline your manufacturing process to allow faster, cheaper and tailor-made manufacturing. We also offer ‘best-in-class’ customer support in addition to our ERP software.

We do this with our Service Essentials. We help you get the most out of your ERP software for manufacturing; from analysis and consultancy, to implementation of the system and naturally with training and support.

We don’t only offer our Service Essentials to new customers. Customers who have been with us for years and who need to optimise their ERP systems can count on us too. You can join at any phase of our service cycle.


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