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UnifiedPAY-payroll software that allows multiple database storage of information where more than One user is allowed to access the same database at any one time. It assist users in handling the entire payroll function, ranging from capturing employees information, Calculation of Salaries, documentation and acting as an analytical tool for HR planning and generating reports for submission to authorities.

Nominated by the New Straits Times in 1992 for the Best Software Category under PIKOMIT AWARD, unifiedPAY is currently assisting HCM in the diversified industries in the country, ranging from Hospitalities, Manufacturing, Trading, Services, Education, Engineering, Government and etc.




UnifiedHCM – a Human Capital Management System to assist users in managing its human resource Optimally and with greater effectiveness and efficiency. It Comprises Various functions and features that will meet the essential requirements for Human Capital Management. In addition to this, the Software can be preset to Collectively sum up reports in graphical formats accordingly. The end-result is a highly acclaimed product Currently being used by many of the best-known Companies.

Below are some major features of unfiedHCM:

  • Effective tools to monitor the progress of your people
  • Essential gear to plan for employees』 growth towards achieving Organizations aspiration
  • User friendly: Point and Click
  • Establish standardization in the management of HR – through standardized user-defined Codes
  • Build and view queries instantly with total flexibility
  • Ability to generate report formats can be stored as standard templates within the system
  • Innovative features such as Organization Chart and Imaging




UnifiedTMS – a system for managing employees attendance records through a Sophisticated and user-friendly system, which covers employee clocks in and Out using a time-recording terminal. This software integrates Orisoft’s unifiedPAY System with electronic Time Clocking Devices. Data captured to the Time Clocking Device by means of proximity cards reader, biometrics, hand punch or iris scanner is downloaded to this software for further processing.

Below are some of the major features of the unifiedTMS:

  • Clock-in/ Clock-Out data can be directly uploaded onto host computer that runs the unifiedTMS Software
  • Reports generated by this system include:
  • Daily/Monthly Attendance
  • Irregularities Clocking
  • Late Attendance & Absenteeism
  • Working Less Than Stipulated Hours
  • Overtime & Summary for Overtime
  • Late Attendance & Total Working Hours
  • Analysis by Location/Department
  • Employee’s are able to clock-in/clock-Out using various time attendance hardware available in the market


ESS/Work Flow Application Overview

Employee Self-Service or ESS is a Web-based application that allows a registered employee to access and update his or her personal and employment information Online, using either an Internet browser or the Company network. Although the self-service features of individual profile maintenance and updates are already an existing trend in most Web-based environments, it is the Overall user-friendliness and the seamless integration of the Orisoft HCMS to the organization’s Orisoft HR software system that makes ESS a compelling technological solution for HR.

Workflow, which is essentially the automation of a business process, in whole or part, during which documents, information, or tasks are distributed from One participant to another for action, in accordance to a set of pre-defined procedural rules.

The following are some of the examples of business e-form processes that are automated by Orisoft Workflow technology:

  • E-Leave
  • E-Claim
  • E-Training Nomination
  • E-Appraisal
  • E-Scheduling
  • E-Recruitment Requisition
  • E-Pre Travelling Claims
  • E-EA Forms
  • E-Loan –
  • E-Employee Profile
  • E-Attendance
  • E-Bulletin
  • E-Post Travelling Claim
  • E-Payslips in
  • E-OT requisition
  • Other requisition & Order forms

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