Apple Service Consultancy Solution CRM

Crm Solution

One storage place for All Customer Information

Perceive financial edges
Empower your business by embracing cashflow advantages
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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Insight from:

  • Trade show appointments → Email History
  • Agreements and quotations → Invoices and Orders
  • 100% insight to your customer information
  • Global and 24/7 access to your dashboards via Exact apps
  • CRM can fully integrated with Financial Management, ERP and HRM

Key benefits:

Boost your sales effectiveness and transparency
  • Insight into both the financial and relational information of prospects and customers
  • Combination of a sales forecast
  • Better understanding of customer acquisition costs
  • Better marketing control
One central place for all customer-related information
  • An integral part of the business software system
  • Share business information on customers and prospects with colleagues
An essential link in a digital business
  • Brings customer data together from all digital channels
  • By email or by phone
Good insight anytime, anywhere with the CRM app
  • Get all the information they need, even on the road
  • Available for IOS nad android
  • Available for Windows 10