Employee Self Service

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Employee Self Service (ESS) & Workflow

Enabling employee to update their profiles via in-house application by themselves.

  • Smoothen the HR management processes
  • More freedom and ownership to the employees to be responsible for their own profiles

Employees can manage their personal tasks

  • Filing for reimbursements
  • Accessing company information
  • Updating personal information

Unify | ACCESS, Employee Self-Service (ESS)

Role: Business owner

ESS can be made available over a company’s intranet, portal or a specialized kiosk. Our ESS solution is instilled with Manager Self-Service (MSS) solution

  • Confine it to a private network or be part of a web-based self-service solution for a more extensive network to include partners, affiliates even customers
  • Enable authorized personnel to manage and oversee the overall ESS system running within the organization



  • e-Employee Profile
  • e-Pay Slip
  • e-EA Form
  • e-Claim
  • e-Leave
  • e-Appraisal
  • e-Attendance
  • e-Recruitment Requisition
  • e-Training Request & Nomination
  • e-Scheduling
  • e-OT (Request and Claim)
  • e-Loan
  • e-Post Traveling Claims
  • e-Bulletin