Project Management

Project Management


Perceive financial edges
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To be in total control of your organisation

Optimal deployment of your consultants is therefore Essential.

Insight in your:

  • Sales Pipeline
  • Work Inventory
  • Project Results



Correctly Billing All Your Hours

With an effective overview of your entire business, you can be confident that you’re following the right path for success. Exact software supports the entire process:

Key benefits:

  • Ensure efficient collaboration
  • Keep in control of your projects and budgets
  • Plan and register information easily online
  • Quickly send the right invoices
  • Use via the private cloud or on-premises


Ensure Efficient Collaboration
  • All agreements and information managed in one place
  • All processes are fully integrated
  • All sales information is linked directly to each project
  • Efficient handovers from sales to the project organization
Online Plan and Register Information Easily
  • Easy to read planning board
  • Planning full integrated with time registration
  • Quickly plan in employees based on their skills, position or department
  • Time worked and costs entry in 1 online screen – wherever you are
  • Send out your invoices faster
Use via the private cloud or in-house
  • Placing your software in the secured server