Wholesale – WMS

Wholesale Distribution

Perceive financial edges
Empower your business by embracing cashflow advantages
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Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Insight from:

  • Automate your physical goods flow
  • Optimises your logistics process

Overview of Purchase and Sales Figures

A module for Exact Globe, you always have access to:

  • Real-time inventory information
  • Increase your delivery reliability and efficiency

ERP for Wholesale Distribution

Order, Inventory Management & Accounting in ONE

Integrate order and inventory management with your accounting.

  • Automatically processed for its financial value and presented on the balance sheet
  • The basis for real-time insight into the entire supply chain
Optimum Levels of Stock
  • Full control over your inventory via the ERP system.
  • Set maximum stock levels and order times.
  • Connect your web shop and scan solution for full insight.

Higher Customer Satisfaction
You can direct access to all essential information:
  • Latest figures about inventory positions
  • Cash flow and margins
  • All from a single dashboard
Functions: alerts and to-dos
  • Latest figures about inventory positions