Recruitment Module

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Headcount & Budgeting

Respond quickly on a workforce level to emerging challenges across the business, industry and overall economy. Control and quantify costs by directly linking talent expenditures with business objectives

Vacancy Management

Manage and track process, assign recruiters and candidates. Automate and display them on the dashboard. Set jobs to get everyone involved in the recruitment process.

Job Advertising

Provide job application online portal for job application. JobPosting advertisement direct link to career sites Applicant can keep track whole application status


Automatically filter out application below the minimum requirement. Export the shortlisted candidates containing information of specific fields. Recommend candidates to hiring managers.


Pre-set recruitment questions that candidates are required to complete before interview scheduling is confirmed

Offer Management

Allows submission of internal approvals, comparison of competency pools, salary ranges, and more before sent to candidates.


Process through which a new employee is integrated into an organization and its culture. With the end goal of greater productivity and higher retention.