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Unify |TIME Solution

Important role in forming and supporting the successful organization.

  • Ethical well-disciplined employees

Increasing your efficiency in producing payrolls and making HR-related decisions
You can:

  • Managing your employee’s Attendance, Whereabouts and Activities
  • Enforcing guidelines and standards to guide them towards being a noble employee

Unify | TIME is installed with a clocking system

To keep track on daily attendance through the usage of advanced biometrics, or proximity cards.
The data are uploaded directly to a server accessible through your desktop.

  • Capable of managing multiple shift setups.
  • Easy calculation for hourly-paid jobs.
  • Tabulates daily and weekly overtime automatically.
  • Organizes and schedules for various types of shifts.
  • Pre-sets for automated task and time tracking reminders.
  • Generate reports including data such as daily and monthly attendance, punctuality, absenteeism, collective working hours and overtime summary.