Optimal Insight in Your KEY Figures - Financial Reporting

Financial Management for fast and accurate decision-making.

By integrating all your organisation’s financial processes, you can eliminate unnecessary administrative work.

Make strategic decisions based on accurate current financial data
  • Direct insight from financial dashboards and reports
  • Take strategic and operational decisions based on all financial management indicators together

Make your business processes more efficient
  • Prevent Errors: work with 1 central information source and no duplicated data
  • Improve the collaboration between departments
  • Save costs
React in time with automatic alerts
  • Respond quickly to the overdue invoices via Tasks or E-Mail Alerts
  • Automated monitoring and signalling around key processes for sales, creditor and debtor management
  • Create the additional alerts and signals if needs
Benefit from international support
  • Work effectively together with optimal integration between headquarters and subsidiaries
  • Do business effortlessly with foreign customers and suppliers
  • Profit from support for multiple currencies and banking formats
  • Operate internationally with local language and legislation support for 40 countries