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Enterprise Resource
Planning (ERP)

Perceive financial edges
Empower your business by embracing cashflow advantages
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What is ERP?

Link and automate all your company's business operations in a single centralised system

  • Places financial, logistics and administrative business processes together
  • Works with the same data
  • Maximize profit - with industry-specific functionalities

One ERP system - Supports All Processes - Better control


ERP System

  • All your business processes supported in one system
  • Use via the Exact Cloud or on-premise
  • Global and 24/7 access to your dashboards via Exact apps
  • Fully integrated with the CRM and other add-ons

Financial Management

Strategic insight and operational control

Project Management

Finance, project administration, project management,
hour registration and invoicing for professional service providers


Up-to-date information is the key to success


Lean from shop floor to top floor

Workflow Management

Help your business improve productivity with workflow automation

Mobile apps

  • With your telephone, tablet or PC
  • You can use our software in the same way from any device.